iXBRL Reporting Made Simple

Papirix gives the power of web-based collaboration for ESMA / ESEF and any other XBRL taxonomy reporting

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Leveraging more than 15 years of leadership on XBRL tools development for issuers, auditors & authorities

Multi-user collaborative tool

iXBRL editor for the instant creation of iXBRL reports with the possibility of simultaneously working different people within the team.

More Features

Direct data auto-tagging

The tool automatically finds, points out and describes what each piece of information is within the report for its better understanding. Create and anchor extensions easily.

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Mapping from Excel template

Through an intuitive and effective template in Excel, exclusive from RS, the tool imports the data facilitating the process of editing the report.


Automatic report validation

The tool directly certifies each data entered so that it complies with the rules defined by the Taxonomy used and with ESEF Conformance Suite if it’s the case.

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Works well with all authorities

We have a compatible platform that works with these authorities and any other XBRL 2.1 taxonomy.

  • European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

  • European Banking Authority (EBA)

  • SEC and others …

  • Papirix has been tested by XBRL International

  • XBRL certified software

  • Using Reporting Standard S.L. XBRL API

Certified by XBRL International Inc

Say “Hey” to intuitive multitask iXBRL Reporting


Powerful reporting workflow automation.

Detailed Analytics

Get custom reports for your reporting projects.


Take control of your iXBRLs with a powerful versioning system.

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Why you need Papirix?

Assured Filing

Build your reports using a fully visual interface.

Proficiency in iXBRL technology

We have one of the best iXBRL tagging software, clients say.

Easy to use

Powerful yet simple to use, now that’s a rare combo.

Industry Recognition

15+ years track record and over 164,000 filings.

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” Papirix easily allowed us to create new concepts and anchor them to the ESEF taxonomy for better reflecting some of our business specific financial statements “.

Public traded company

Corporate Financial Disclose

” Woow!,  The Papirix’s Create Extended Concept Wizard enabled myself to adjust our Annual Finnancial Report to the ESMA/ESEF taxonomy standard and not the other way around!. “

Corporation from EU's regulated markets

Compliance reporting

” We never would have finished our reports on time without Papirix’s cloud-based remote collaboration capability that allowed my team to work in parallel from their home office “.

Auditing firm

Head of finantial audit

Get better work done

Discover how to increase your productivity and decrease reporting errors.

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